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Thank you to all the wonderful families who have chosen a Hobbit Hill Jack Russell Terrier.

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Hobbit Hill Jack Russells
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Gator is now in Virginia with Dr. Paisley  & Family.
Swayze(Coco) is now in
Pala, CA with the Wyatt Family!
Baylor has  gone to Hot Springs, AR to finish the racing season with Brad and Mindy - then on to Iowa.
Pepper Jack (Cowgyrl) is now in PA with the Diamond Family!

FRED - (Brad) has gone to New York with the Besemer Family!
Cuddles at home in  Kennebunkport, ME
Thanks, Angie
Chewy has gone to Illinois with the Van Valley Family
Chianti has gone to Kountry Thyme Jack Russells.
Lewy is now living in California with Michele Williams.
Scooter (Little Bear) now lives in
Fayetteville, AR  with Goldie.
Weston is now standing at
Stud at the Lacy C Ranch in
Heneritti, TX
Larissa is now in Florida with the Baez Family
Thank you for selecting a Hobbit Hill puppy!
Black Jack has gone to PA to live with the Diamond family and a beautiful group of shortie Jacks.
Happy  has gone to Baltimore to live with Elizabeth and Danny!
Bella is at home with
Melissa in Washington
Dillon is now at home with the Moore family in Colorado
Caleb is now in Wyoming with Karl and family
Kacy is home with the Robinson family in Benton
Bengi is home with Kate in
Fort Worth , TX
Benny is home at Kountry Thyme
in Russellville, AR
Bentley is home in South Carolina with Joni.
Lou is now at home with the Patterson family of El Dorado, AR
Brinley (Mary Beth) now home with the  Pettry family of Atoka, TN
Molly (Macy) now home with  the White family in Hillsboro,Illinois.
Paisley is now home at Kountry Thyme Jacks in Russellville, AR
Gunner is now at home with the Hann Family in WA State
Blossom is now at home with the Cannon Family in Texas
Poppy is now at home with the Swinney family in Texas
Lily is now home with the Swinney family in Texas
Drake is now at home in Minnesota with Alisha
Peaches is now with Sharon at Cuttin Up Jacks, TX
Bendel is now at home with the Kirkwood family in California
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Copper has now gone to Costa
Rica with Cata Family

Oscar is now at home with
the McDonald family in IL
Buttercup is home in Texas   with the Golden Family
Gunner is now with the Wagnor family in Alaska.  He's an "Ice Road Trucker"
Mia is now at home with  Pat Petterson of St. Louis, MO
Mira and Mocha are now at home in Linden, VA with Maria Sines and Lynn Reid - Congratulations on 2 great girls!!
Ellie (Rose) is now at home with the Bauerlein family!
Myles is now home with the Beavert Family of Nashville, AR
Maveric is now at home in NC with the Hollar Family
Peyton  and Pixel are in Ohio living with Kathy
Pasha is now at home with the Hendry family of Nashville, AR
Polly & Daisy are in Maine with the Leahy Family
BullzEye is home with Michael and Nikki in Fort Smith, AR
Whiskey with his new mom and dad - the Lloyds of Bentonville, AR 
Jimmy Choo has gone to South Carolina to live with Donna and crew!
Cathryn is now in Texas  with Dan and Gladys
Petey is at home with the Russell family in Little Rock, AR
Piper has gone to Greenbrier, AR to live with the Watson Family

Rambo is home in Maine   with the Leahy Family.
Mary & Hannah have gone to Ohio to live with Kathy.
Tatum is home with Jana at
Russellville Farms.
Charlie has gone to live with
the Beavert Family in Nashville
, AR
Calvin is at home with
Coppock Brothers in Benton, AR
Dixie (Holly) now living with the
Harvey Family in Amity, AR
Sooner is at home with the Jones Family in Bryant, AR
Teddy has gone to Penang Malaysia to live with Leong Family
Toby has recently relocated  to Texas with the Swinney Family!
Chenille has gone to New Hampshire to live with the Shelton Family.
Rylie has gone to Malvern, PA
to live with David.
Tess & Macy have gone to Brooklyn, NY
to live with Stacy and Monica
Gallant is now in Virginia to live with Lynn Reid and Chai
Patch II is now in Colorado   with  Stephanie
Olivia is in Costa Rica with Cata and her family!
Little Cobee now lives in North Arkansas
Cally is is now Wilmington, NC to live with Missy
Rocky is now at home
with the Wayne Betts family
in Percy, AR
Sundi has gone to Texas to live with Anita
Molly has gone to
Pennsylvania to live with Cindy
Autumn is in now with the Birsall family in Minnesota
Jesse is now home with Dustin in Kentucky!
Are at home with the Hollar Family in North Carolina.
Otis is home in Mississippi with Lynn.
Odie is now in Tennessee with the Cory Cox Family
Cricket has gone to Texas to live with Kathy
Josh is home in Massachusetts with the Demaria Family
Mae is now in Texas with the crew at Cow Country Jacks
Odette is at home with Ella in Searcy, AR
Oriana is home with Jennifer in Jonesboro, AR
Jenna is at home with Charlene in Clifton, VA
Jaxon and Corry at home with the Frezza family
Mikey has gone to South Carolina to live with Donna and the crew!
Mac is now home in Ft.Smith, AR with the Jerry Adams Family
Ralph has gone to Georgia
to live with Kelly and family
Sami has gone to Broken Bow, OK to live with the Pratt family
Ruby is now home in Benton, AR with the Morecraft Family
Piper has headed to Michigan
to live with Jackie
Harley will be headed to Texas
to live with Kelly at the Lazy C
Josie will be headed to Tennessee
to live with William
Kia is going to Argentina to live with Alejandra
Abigale has gone to Maine
to live with Fiona and family
Tuffy is headed to California to live with Kristin and family
Presley is now in Odessa, TX  living with the Hamrick Family
Princess is headed to Washington State to live at
Left Coast Russells
Tinsel is going to Louisiana to live with Tori.
T-Bone is headed to Virginia to live with the Jerez family
Kudos is headed to Alabama to live with Scott and Family